....here we are !

We are Andrea (born 1962) and Frank (born 1960) from Rheinhessia, a region in the middle of Germany.

What can we tell you about us ? We have been married since 1991, have no childen, but 4 cats.

Persian cats are our favourite hobby, but there are other things which we enjoy very much. For example we like to go to flea markets just to look around (and sometimes buy something absolutely useless). Besides that, we are collecting (Mickey-Mouse-)Comics and last but not least we are Startrek-fans.

Andrea loves cooking pasta dishes and poor little Frank has to eat them (hahaha). Frank prefers "stronger" meals like fried potatoes or stewed steak etc. But we made an arrangement...! Frank, for example, bakes excellent cakes !!

Frank loves surfing in the internet and is an enthusiastic adventure-game player as well as business-simulation-game player. Andrea prefers chatting in the internet (but this became too expense). Most of the time, she is using the nickname Xena, like the warrior princess known from the famous RTL-TV series. There is not much similarity between Andrea and Lucy Lawless alias Xena, but Andrea also has the heart of a warrior princess. We dedicated a little site with some private photos to Xena. Andrea's favourite actor is, of course, Kevin Sorbo alias Hercules (adore, adore, adore). Frank has a crush on Sandra Bullock, Andrea thinks that Sandra is cute. Both of us like Jürgen von der Lippe (a German entertainer), whom we saw live on stage in Francfort already. It was absolutely marvellous !

Jürgen von der Lippe

Andrea has a faible for shoes (where to put 50 pairs of shoes ?), but she also has a fancy for clothes, wrist watches, jewlery and hairslides. For poor little Frank there is only one small corner left in 3 wardrobes in total, but men usually do not need much space and clothes (Why do I need more than 2 pairs of shoes: one pair for winter, one for summer ??)

We think that is enough information about us, we don't want you to feel bored.

We would be very pleased indeed to find like-minded persian cat freaks in the area of Mainz-Alzey, as we orginally are from Lower-Saxony not from Rheinhessia. If anybody is interested in contacting us please send us an Email. We will answer by return. Of course, we would also appreciate to receive Emails from all over the world :-))