Kitten Agency

We know a few really kind and reliable breeders in our area and a little further away (from two of them we bought our own kittens in January 1998) and would like to introduce them to you here. We can recommend them without restrictions to all people who intend to buy a pedigree cat which means a persian cat.

At the moment, there are several kittens for sale and we would like to present them to you and will give more details as soon as we receive the full information with pictures from the breeders.

Before we start we would like to point out that all those catteries do not have extreme persians with flat noses which means from American bloodlines. They are breed persians with cute noses which will be very interesting, we think, for catlovers like us. We ourselves searched for a long time before we finally found "our" breeders with the appropriate kitties, as we are not so fond of those flat-nosed persians. That does not mean that the "other" persians are not cute as well. It is just a matter of taste.


"von Pompejanum" kittens for sale upon request !



"von Todt's" kittens for sale upon request !



"vom Wölkchen"




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