Our Darlings


We would like to present our 4 beloved darlings hereafter:

Our cat No. 1 answers (or not) to the wonderful name of "Camelot vom Schloß Richmond" (Nickname: Tabby). He is a maine coon in the colour red-tabby white and has meanwhile reached the proud age of 10 years. Believe it or not, but he really obeys like a dog and licks like a dog. He is totally people orientated, likes cuddling on the couch and gets on well with everybody both people and animals. Tabby loves the 3 little dogs (west highland terriers) living upstairs more than his kitty friends and they all adore him. Our Tabby is an easy-going cat and we all love him very much.



Our cat No. 2 has been living with us since January this year. He is a persian in the colour shaded silver and is called "Apollo von Pompejanum" (Nickname: Merlin). This cute little creature is 3 years old and has a popular half-brother which you perhaps know from advertising on German TV. His half-brother is a cute chinchilla persian called Lord Myron vom Brettachtal and is "working" for a well-known company named "Alpina Weiss", walking through a room and painting the walls with his tail. Merlin is not as people-orientated as Tabby but we hope that this will change over the years. Our Merlin loves playing with balls and is an excellent fly-catcher, yum, yum.



Our cat No. 3 was also adopted to our family in January 1998. He also is a persian, but in the colour shaded golden and he answers (absolutely not) to the name of "Mr. Ragtime vom Wölkchen"(Nickname: Ghizmo). This cute little rascal is also 3 years old and is a little chatterbox. Besides that, he makes the same noise as a raccoon. He loves sleeping in bed and watching out of the window for hours.



Our cat No. 4 joined us middle of August 1998. We call him Percy although he actually answers to the name of "Romeo von Al Haram". He is a wonderful cream-coloured persian at the age of2 years. And he already is indeed a little "whirlwind" and Andrea's dream come true as she always wanted to have a cream persian which is even harder to find in this region than those shaded golden persians. Now we are so happy that we finally found him. Isn't he a cute little tomcat ? He loves to provoke the other cats and adores Tabby like a big brother.


Percy on 07-12-98


Percy on 07-26-98